Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer 2008 Update

We wanted to let everyone know we're still alive and doing well. We're just settling back in from a long summer of driving to every point on the map imaginable...Seattle (too many times to count), Utah (3 times), Rexburg (2-3 times), Boise (2-3 times), Coeur d'Alene (daily for Chad's work) and I think some other places too. It was so great to see everyone, but man are we glad to be done with the driving!

Melanie is enjoying being a mom and the best Sunbeams teacher around! I am now back in school and enjoying getting to work on some MBA courses as well as a few law school courses. Payton is excitedly awaiting the start of his pre-school that Melanie and her friends put on for their kids. And Carson is just excited to start eating real food!

Let us know how you are doing and take a look at a few of our summer pics.

Mel and Carson doing what they do best...looking cute!

Chad's sweet firm rafting trip down the Lochsa River in May

The always necessary "Jumping Picture" just before Mel's parents went into the MTC

The last Dance Family picture for a while.