Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Blogging with Microsoft Word 2007

In the search for acceptable mediums to post a blog for my company, I am writing this post from Word 2007. I've done some minimal research and found that Microsoft has made this blogging feature to be pretty user-friendly and quite good. The only thing is, I haven't been able to find any examples of posts using Word 2007. So, here is the research laboratory for my work – the family site.

Sorry to those reading this thinking I'd post from our great recent Dance Family Reunion in Lava Hot Springs or fun Summer of 2007 in Seattle. I just haven't taken the time necessary to do those things in trying to get work projects completed. Added to this, Mel doesn't have easy access to the internet here this summer and she would be our best "poster" by far.

Anyway, we hope all are well. For work's sakes, if anyone reading this has used Word 07 to do much blogging, I'd really appreciate your rants, raves, and insights. Best!

Here's a pic of Mel and Payton at the Mariners game


tyler and ali said...

Hey Hallbergs! Your kid is so cute--I think that's the first pict I've seen of him since birth!
Tell Melanie "hi" from me! Hope all is well!

Nicolina said...

Hey Hallberg, whats up brother? How are things? I think you are the only one out there with a link for 1031 exchanges on your blog. Nice. Talk to you later Bro.
Scott and Nicolina Tanner

Chad and Melanie said...

Scott - How can I contact you? Kolya is coming to Boise on August 9th and I've been trying to get a hold of you. Shoot me an email at chadhallberg [at] gmail [dot] com