Thursday, August 30, 2007

Scrambled Brains...

I'm back in school now (Chad) and find almost everyday that I am confronted with a case or story that disgusts my inner-self. Topics generally eminate from one of two topic areas: (1) Sex and/or Sexual Misconduct; and (2) Death/Murder (or the attempt thereof), Torture, or other Violence.

It seems like there is a constant barrage of this filth and, yet, I am somehow not as affected by it as I think I maybe should be. Long have been the days where I personally was affected by someone's sexual preferences or predilections or by a murder scene description. This seems to tell me that I am becoming a cold and heartless attorney.

I do not like this notion of being ambivalent to the maladies of the world. I have always said that if I have to be a lawyer I want to be a Happy Lawyer, where people come to me because they are happy and want to become happier through my services. If anyone knows what type of law that is let me know.

I guess I better finish this off happy-like and tell everyone that we had a blast at Disneyland, the beach, Universal Studios, Raging Waters, and In-n-Out with Mel's family. I don't know that we'll ever do quite an elaborate and tiring vacation ever again.

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